New year, new decade

Starting the new decade and looking forward to this year of rehearsals with the choir.

Despite the rain..

Sunday 6th November I’m so tired today my current tour is in full swing and it’s chucking it down outside, I just wanna have a duvet day but I pull myself out of bed and get ready to see who will be at singing today. We are going to try the new venue Stash had…

Cathedral Close

Sunday 5th October Today we met at Cathedral close and it’s so lovely to see everyone again, we have 3 new members join us and the room is just about big enough for  all of us. Stash has been in touch to say he’s found a permanent venue where we can start rehearsing regularly so…

Our first choir workshop

“In Norfolk there is a wealth of African talent, but we felt there was space for a bespoke African Choir whose remit is to bring that amazing vibe to a wider audience.” – Peter Barrow I’ve been very excited to meet everyone today who have shown interest in the first gathering of the African choir….

About the new African Choir of Norfolk

New African Choir of Norfolk is launched! What is the New African Choir of Norfolk This is a brand new project from the Hostry Festival We aim to celebrate those from Africa living in Norfolk We want to find singers of all abilities to sing in our choir We are looking for singers to join…