In June 2020, Choir Director Anna Mudeka was invited as a guest speaker on radio by BBC Music Introducing in Norfolk. Following the Choir’s first ever rehearsal which took place on Zoom due to the pandemic lockdown, Anna joined the airwaves to encourage more members to join and share the blueprints and ambitions for the African Choir of Norfolk over the next 10 years. Listen to the recording below.

What we are trying to create is something really unique to Norfolk. We are going to be singing songs from different parts of Africa, and the aim is to have a song from each country as members grow. We’ve got people from Ivory Coast, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria and everybody is just bringing with them a song from their country.

– Anna Mudeka, Director of the African Choir of Norfolk

About Anna Mudeka

Anna Mudeka is a Zimbabwean and Norfolk-based singer, songwriter, dancer, musician and all-round polymath. She has been commissioned by Autumn Festival of Norfolk to lead the African Choir of Norfolk. Inviting people of African heritage from across the county to lend their vocal talents and showcase the rich cultural heritage of the 54 nations that make up the continent through a diverse repertoire curated by Anna as artistic director.

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