Welcome to 2023!

A very happy 2023 to you all and here is a wish that the year is kind to you and your loved ones and I hope you get to do all the things you want to and surround yourself with people who make you happy.

2022 was a great year for the choir as we were invited to attend many amazing events and also prepared songs and costumes for our second annual gala concert at the Autumn Festival of Norfolk (rebranding as The AUTUMN FESTIVAL Of Norfolk this year).

There were so many highlights in 2022 and for me the taking part in our late Queen’s platinum jubilee at the Norfolk Show ground was one of the grooviest events of the year. The choir did what we do best which was to have fun and as you know fun is contagious so from the VIPs to all the public, we managed to connect with everyone who heard and saw us.

Our performance in October at the festival was a complete sell out a good two weeks before the event which left some disappointed who couldn’t get tickets but that’s a sign of how many people want to see us. Our guest this year was the master Kora and balafon player Sefo Kanuteh, it was a real honour to have him join us and teach us a song called Miniyamba. In all we appeared at 16 events in 2022, being seen by over 6,200 people.

Keep an eye on us for 2023 with news of a new larger venue for our annual gala concert in autumn, and make sure you have your tickets well in advance. 

The choir enjoyed some social gatherings over the Xmas holidays with a meal at Turtle Bay thanks to the Autumn Festival of Norfolk producers Stash and Peter. Some dancing at the salsa night at revolution de Cuba soon followed and it was a good way to end our year together.

Our rehearsals commence this month, where we will start looking at the new repertoire and sing and bond, We very much look forward to seeing you at some at our public performances this year.

Anna x

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