welcome to 2024!

As we start our fourth year into the five-year signature project of the African choir of Norfolk it really has been an amazing journey so far with friendships made, a shared culture of the mother land through food, songs, chats and laughter and last year was no different.

It was another joyous year as we took to our annual gala this time at Caistor hall with a three-course meal, Champaign on arrival and DJ Michael finishing the evening with some great afro beats. Our guest artists Wanda Kamonde shared songs from his people in Uganda and we had a whole other repertoire of songs to celebrate our third year.

As our profile on social media gains a steady following we were absolutely chuffed to receive a donation of materials for our costumes which were reviled at the gala night and beautifully made by one of our choir members Jaqc.

Thanks to Manchester based Issik House of Prints for donating the fabric, we are pleased to be reaching different audiences around the country and collaborating with such organisations is amazing.

After a short break over the Christmas break we are back again to our normal rehearsals and we can’t wait to reconnect and share the joys of Africa again, new songs to learn, events to attend and prepare for 2024 Gala night which this year will be at Norwich Playhouse. Details to follow soon.

There were so many highlights for us last year including two events in Norwich Cathedral joining in with the celebrations for the Kings Coronation celebrations and a bit closer to home raising awareness of the great work done by organisations such as The Mathew Project. Remembering those who have died and are suffering from alcohol and drug abuse, from celebrations to sombre events we have been able to reach communities through music.

It’s thanks to the The National Lottery Community Fund we have had three successive years and as we enter 2024 we are more ambitious and excited to explore more of the sounds of the mother land bringing joy and colour to all those we come in contact with.

What started off one morning in 2019 between myself and Stash Kirkbride the artistic director of The Autumn Festival of Norfolk has grown beyond our wildest imaginations. You can see last years full programme BY CLICKING HERE.

And I am more excited about the opportunities already in the making for this year.

Other highlights of the year included performing at the Black History Month Launch, at a care home and raising money for the Mudeka Foundation in the summer. But for me one that stands out the most was a collaboration between the choir and Amukanama acrobatic group.

This was part of the Out There Festival in Great Yarmouth and having spoken about the collaboration with the artistic Director a few months before I was intrigued as to how it could work. And work it did almost like magic amazing things started unrevealing back stage as we started rehearsing with shared song and culture our audience witnessed one really incredible show.

I have to say I was not sure it would work but I’m glad we made it happen and maybe hopefully sometime in the future we shall work together again.

The year ended with our annual social event with a meal at a new African restaurant in town called cook mama, where we eat, chatted, danced and connected through food and heritage. Thank you to everyone who make the choir possible to our funders, supporters, members and producers you are helping make a difference.

As dates starts coming in for 2024 we look forward to welcoming new members to the choir and hope to see you at some of our public events. Please keep an eye at our website and social media for coming events.

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